Thursday, September 10, 2009

Setting: A smallish room with conference table where a few designers are gathered and a standing figure in black turtleneck is holding court.

Black turtleneck: So you've all heard we're going to be introducing a revolutionary new computer called an "iMac." The "i" stands for "Internet," which I find boring and a complete waste of time, but we've decided to stake our whole company's future on it.

We've now got to design a mouse for this iMac. As you know, to get to the best ideas, you sometimes need to start off with the worst ideas. Does anyone have any ideas for the "worst mouse ever invented?"

Designer 1: Yes, I've got an idea for a "worst mouse ever invented." I've been playing around with the idea in my head for a while. I call it the "hockey puck mouse." It's entirely round and is the most awkward thing you could ever hold in your hand.

Designer 2: That's incredible. That's just an incredible design. There is no design that could possibly be worse.

Black turtleneck: The "hockey puck mouse?" Very interesting. Now we're getting somewhere. Does anyone have any other ideas for mice? Anyone? Anyone? Well, I've got to head out for a vacation trip to the mountains this weekend, so let's pick up this discussion Monday morning.

First thing Monday morning...